On the Bevel

book-bevelby Janice Moore Fuller
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ISBN-10: 1909077267
ISBN-13: 978-1909077263

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Sample Excerpt:


West of here along a road, once dirt, a catfish
lurks and turns at the bottom of Hendrix Pond,
its heavy bony head just listening. No one
dips a line in the water any more.
A yard, flecked with four-leaf clovers,
tumbles toward the bank. No mower, not even
a swing scythe to thwart its growth. Aunt Emily’s
old wisteria wraps the post of the swing set,
rust settling into the cross bar where my cousin
would hang upside down, her long rush of hair
brushing against the weeds that sprouted around us.
Her cheeks flushed with blood, her upside down smile
saying we should forage for toads and worms
to thread on a hook and fling into the shadow.
Nothing was urgent then. A thin layer of leisure
wrapped the yard like the soft sheet Mother
covered me with on nights so hot we trusted
the undulating screen to let in the breeze
but keep out what churned in the dark.


“Janice Fuller’s work combines cool intelligence with warm accessibility. Her narrative poems are contemplative in tone; ‘Houdini in a white chemise’ also sums up her poetry, as the poems break free and the pull of gravity against a heightened awareness is made resplendent by lightness and grace. We can also hear the poet sing alive these songs as they reach out for transcendence. These poems too become our siblings as we return to their company, energized in their presence. Each poem a paean, borne out of pain, of joy in the ‘everlasting yes’.” – Menna Elfyn

“In these personal and meaningful poems, Fuller does what the best poetry does: by finding the perfect details of a life, she gives us a deeper, richer understanding of Life – from its ‘quiet desires’ to its bones and ashes and shadows.” – Carolyn Elkins

“Everyone’s loved like family in On the Bevel, all of the miscreant ghosts, glum gods, ex-lovers, good daughters, and curious cats who haunt the poet’s imagination. But Fuller’s also a seeker; her virtuoso poems celebrate mutability, even as they propitiate the dark. Thank you, Janice Moore Fuller, for sharing with us your finest work yet.” – Alan Michael Parker