Poet ~ Playwright ~ Professor

Janice Moore Fuller is a poet, playwright, and Professor. As a poet, she has published four poetry collections and won the 2008 Oscar Arnold Young Award (North Carolina poetry book of the year). She has also been recognized for her excellence as a playwright and Professor of English.

"In these personal and meaningful poems, Fuller does what the best poetry does: by finding the perfect details of a life, she gives us a deeper, richer understanding of Life – from its 'quiet desires' to its bones and ashes and shadows." - Carolyn Elkins
"Lithe, elegant, and expertly framed, the poems of Séance light down on the page and lift the reader into exotic backdrops and brilliantly timed escapes." - Keith Flynn
"Though the poems in Sex Education range geographically from Celtic Britain to piedmont Carolina, Janice Fuller’s true landscape is the heart-land of memory, loss, and, most of all, desire." - Ron Rash

Janice Fuller’s work combines cool intelligence with warm accessibility. Her narrative poems are contemplative in tone; 'Houdini in a white chemise' also sums up her poetry, as the poems break free and the pull of gravity against a heightened awareness is made resplendent by lightness and grace."

- Menna Elfyn